I am Matthew Pike, fully qualified & insured full time Hypnotherapist, who understands stress, anxiety and how our sub-conscious mind works for and against us. I specialise in Stress, Anxiety & Trauma.
Fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist, based in Aldershot and surrounding areas. I gained my Hypnotherapy Diploma through the UK Hypnosis Academy, where I am also an associate trainer/assessor.

In understanding your individuality, I have trained under various world lead trainers in Hypnotherapy and qualified in a range of techniques, so I can deliver a service that is right & best for you.

Confidentiality is paramount and your time is precious. We will deal with the issues as quickly, safely and practicably as possible for you.

I specialise in Stress, Anxiety and Trauma. I can also help you in many other areas, such as Pain Management, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Confidence Building, Exam stress, Personal Performance, Fears, Phobias and Worry.

Also available for home calls...

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural mind and body response we feel when we are under threat. That threat can be real or imagined. We can feel worried, fearful or tense, often about things we think are about to happen or which we imagine could happen in the future.

For several years, scientists have been researching the impact of hypnosis on mental health disorders such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.

In a 2016 report researchers scanned volunteers brains as they were receiving controlled hypnosis sessions. They discovered that when a person is hypnotised their brain undergoes changes that allow them to focus their attention, greater emotional control and become less self-conscious


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Hypnotherapy gets to the centre if issues quickly and effectively, there are many different styles and protocols


Is your life going the way you expect, if not why not give me a call and work with me as we get the path right for you


No team or individual ever succeeded without a mentor, why not contact me today and have your very own personal mentor


Hypnotherapy is achievable anywhere around the world using skype/Zoom and online software.

Perfectly safe and effective.

You can be sat in the safety of your own home/office and be safely helped with what ever issue you have.

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See what others are saying.....

PTSD and depression Sufferer

I would wholeheartedly seek Matty’s help if you are suffering from any kind of phobia, PTSD or depressive episode.

Alex Taylor

calm, understanding and professional

After 12 flights over 6 weeks I was delighted that there were no anxious or stressful moments

Bridget Meadows

How do I put into words the happiness and freedom you have brought to me

After believing that I had put something to rest and then it all come racing back into my life causing physical pain to me I truly thought that I was going to be haunted again for years to come.

Em Connery